famThe American Legion is an organization comprised of Veterans dedicated to serving our nation. Founded in 1919 after World War I, the American Legion was founded and chartered by the US Congress upon four pillars of service:  Americanism, National Security, Children and Youth, and Veterans Rehabilitation.  One of the main components of the California American Legion is our Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division VA&R, which assists our disabled Veterans in need. It all begins with the Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman who has been brave and loyal serving our country and who has been disabled during their service.  That disabled Veteran is entitled to services and compensation from the US Government, but first they must file a claim with the Veterans Administration.  The claim process can be complicated and lengthy, proving difficult for the average person to file a claim and navigate the VA system.  This often leads to the disabled Veteran losing out on the help and funds that they deserve. However, this is where the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division come in.  The Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division was established to provide services to Veterans in their claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs, and to protect the rights and privileges of all Veterans, their dependents and survivors.  Under VA&R, the Veterans Service Officers assist the disabled Veterans in filling the initial claim and interface with the Veterans Administration directly to make sure the Veterans, Widows and Orphans of Veterans receive the support, services and compensation that they are entitled to each year. The American Legion Service Officers will provide service to the Veteran before, during and after the claim to be certain that the Veteran or family member receives all benefits and care.  There services provided by the American Legion are at no cost to the Veteran and their families, and always will be.

The Department of California, American Legion formed an auxiliary non-profit charity organization to collect contributions in support of the VA&R.  Your donation to the Department of California American Legion Foundation (CALVAR), empowers the VA&R with the ability to continue this vital service to our deserving California Veterans.  You can rest assured that 100% of your donation to CALVAR goes directly to the Department of California VA&R Division and there is no commingling of the funds collected. 

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